About Us


Anthony Colin

President CSC

As the President, my goal is to establish Color Coded as a club that caters to anyone interested in technology. Being a transfer student from an underrepresented background, I empathize with the challenges of studying at Cal Poly. For this reason, the Color Coded board and myself have made it a priority to create a robust community that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds who share a common interest in technology.

My hobbies include weightlifting, basketball, and video games.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet all of you! If you have any questions about the club or wish to get involved, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Leticia Mezzetti

Vice President LAES

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies + Minor in Media Arts, Society, and Technology

Hello! As VP of Color Coded, my goal is to promote a welcoming and supportive community for anyone interested in tech. Together with my board members, we have expanded our community reach by organizing and participating in outreach events, while also collaborating with other clubs on campus.

Some things that I enjoy doing during my free time include films, hiking, video games, learning new languages, and trying new recipes from scratch.

I'm excited to meet everyone and for a great year! Feel free to reach out if you need anything.


Sarah Ellwein

Treasurer MATH

Mathematics major + Data Science minor/4th year transfer student

As the treasurer of Color Coded, I strive to create a welcoming environment for those navigating the world of computer science. It can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially for newcomers to the field. I am passionate about fostering a sense of community and support for all individuals pursuing a computer science education.

I also enjoy various hobbies in my free time: nail art, yoga, video games, and graphic novels or science fiction.

I look forward to serving this club and contributing to its inclusive and supportive environment!


Luke Fanguna

Secretary CSC

Third Year Computer Science Major / Transfer Student / Secretary

As the secretary of Color Coded, my main responsibilities include keeping accurate records of meetings, coordinating with other members to plan events, and communicating important information to all members.


David Hernandez

Webmaster CSC

As Webmaster of Color Coded I work to maintain and update our website and outreach information, despite the challenges that may arise.

As a member of Color Coded's board, I hope to make sure that everyone is welcome at Color Coded!

As a tutor for Color Coded, I hope to be able to help anyone who comes through our doors!


Shiv Panchal

Chief Of Operations SE

Third Year Software Engineering Major / Transfer Student / Diversity Chair

As the Chief Of Operations of Color Coded, my primary responsibility is to assist my fellow officers with planning and coordinating meetings, events, and club activities . I strive to ensure that every club related event runs smoothly and efficiently. One of my key goals is to foster a positive and inclusive environment for members at our events. I also actively encourage member engagement and participation, ensuring that everyone feels valued and included.


Samantha Soto Alejos

Communications and Outreach Officer LAES

Computer Science 2024 switching to LAES

As communications officer, I am responsible for distributing weekly newsletters, communicating upcoming events with the CS department, and reviving Color Coded’s social media presence to invite more members.

About our Advisors!


Foaad Khosmood

Faculty Advisor CS

Foaad Khosmood is a professor of Computer Engineering at Cal Poly
Also, a beacon of knowledge!


Mugizi Rwebangira

Faculty Advisor CS

Mugizi Robert Rwebangira is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Cal Poly.

He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Howard University. His areas of research interest are machine learning and computational neuroscience. He would be especially happy to talk to Color Coded members who are want advice about grad school or research in general.


Joydeep Mukherjee

Faculty Advisor CS

University of Calgary / graduated 2018
Postdoc at York University / Canada
Research: Software Engineering / Cloud Systems